Later that night…

It occurs to me that the "hardened" nature of books, so evocative for those of us who remember the Dewey Decimal System and so ancient for anyone who was text messaging before they learned how to drive a car, prevents the two-way exchange of communication.  Naturally, my initial presentation of the book at the conference yesterday was similarly "hardened" in that it was a one-way information flow.

Before the next conference or reading, I want to remodel the content to invite rather than stifle interactions.  As Geoff Moore indicates in his Foreword to the book, "…Finally, I cannot resist the observation that if ever a book called for blogging, it is this one.  Books that initiate lines of thinking complete themselves in the dialogs they engender."

As such, the book is only the beginning of the conversation.  The stories, and the characters in them, may come alive over time, in this forum and others.  Paradoxically, it is the blog that comes first – then you may investigate the book itself, already turning things around on a publishing industry which, though gracious to me, relies on a product that simply takes too long to get to market.

Geoff, are you out there? 

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