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The Secret Revealed

June 30, 2011

When a Basic Truth of the industry is spoken, it is a cause for celebration – and acknowledgement.

In the August issue of CIO Magazine, one of their staff writers has finally declared this unspoken principle of successful project deployment. (Her name is Kristin Burnham, and the topic of the article was how to sell executives on Google Apps, but the little gem applies to the launch of any new project or application.)  She quotes the CIO of Dominion Enterprises who disclosed 5 lessons he learned during their recent launch – there it is, at the bottom of the page, in black and white for all to see: “Sell it to your administrative assistants first.”

They are the gatekeepers to successful adoption.  They are the pathway to executive acceptance.  Nurture them as you would your most important stakeholders, for they may be your salvation.