Can you imagine…?

For those of us who count the days until Spring Training, who love the sound of a bat when it squarely hits the round ball, and who also happen to work in the field of information technology, today’s announcement should have special meaning (

I met Bill years ago, in a luxury box sponsored by Macromedia’s Robert Urwiler (yet another hero of mine) and in the ensuing years, I have often recalled his comments about baseball and technology – he and his dedicated team have the best jobs in IT, each one (as fans of the game) who truly understand “the business” and can, therefore, build systems that a) increase revenue by improving the customer experience, b) increase engagement for real-time interactions, and c) provide innovative improvements for the ballplayers and coaches…

I’ve been a baseball fan since the days of Clemente and Koufax, and have been an IT guy for 25 years, and yes, I still dream of being able to oneday say, “Sorry, honey, I have to work late tonight, the Dodgers are in town.”

Bravo to Bill Schlough and his entire team for the long-deserved recognition, and to InformationWeek for (at long last) discovering this perfect example of IT <-> Business alignment.

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