Stuart Robbins is a 25-year veteran of Silicon Valley, and currently serves as the CIO Evangelist for Metacloud, a leading provider of “OpenStack With a Service” that is now part of Cisco Systems.  His colleague, Geoffrey Moore, once described Stuart as Silicon Valley’s “CIO Whisperer.” As a management consultant and author, Stuart’s former clientele included Adobe, The World Bank Group, Cisco Systems, Symantec, as well as a variety startups and non-profits.  He previously founded two businesses, KMERA (a knowledge management startup, 2001) and The CIO Collective (a professional association of senior IT executives, 2001-2008). His book on new IT management principles, The System is a Mirror, was published by John Wiley & Sons in 2007.

One Comment on “About”

  1. Rich McIver Says:

    Hi Stuart,

    We recently published “The 10 Most Connected Cities in the World” (http://www.dailywireless.com/features/most-connected-cities-030607/ ). I figured I’d bring it to your attention in case you think your readers would find it useful.

    Either way, keep up the great blogging!

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